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Grooming your pet is a key part of taking care of them

Kanu Pet is a salon for pets, where you can get all the services you need for your furry
friend. We offer grooming, bathing, nail trimming, flea and tick and more. Our
staff is friendly and experienced, so you can trust them to give your pet the
best care possible. Our goal is to make sure that every customer walks away
happy with their experience at Kanu pet

 Our salon is open seven days a week, so no matter when you need us we're ready to help!

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Regular Bath for dogs -  Grooming Services | Kanu Pet

Dog Regular Bath

From $50.00
Our dog regular bath services removes dirt, grease and debris to keep your pet's skin and coat looking nice and clean. Instore Service Our service includes Shampoo & Conditioner Blow...
Dog Special or Medicated Bath

Dog Special or Medicated Bath

From $80.00
Our special or medicated bath for dogs is ideal for the care of dry and sensitive skin or as a solution to combat flea & tick, we will also perform...
Dog Full Grooming Service

Dog Full Grooming Service

From $65.00
Our complete dog full Grooming services remove dirt, grease and debris to keep your pet's skin and coat nice and clean. Instore ServiceOur service includes: Shampoo and conditioner Drying Haircut...
Deep Dental Service - No Sedation | Kanu Pet

Deep Dental Service - No Sedation

From $80.00
Our "Deep Dental Service - No Sedation for Pets" is a specialized and gentle dental care offering tailored to our furry companions. We understand the importance of oral health in...
Dry Bath Service

Dry Bath Service

From $30.00
Instore Service A Dry Bath Service for pet care typically involves a waterless grooming solution that aims to keep pets clean and fresh without the need for traditional water-based bathing....