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ZenPet Zencollar Inflatable Small

ZenPet Zencollar Inflatable Small

Known for its comfortable characteristics, ZenCollar is a preferred choice for veterinarians and pet owners looking for alternative recovery collars. Protects Pets from reaching injuries, rashes or post surgery wounds. ...
ZenPet ZenCollar Inflatable Recovery Dog & Cat Collar XXL | Kanu Pet

ZenPet ZenCollar Inflatable Recovery Dog & Cat Collar

Inflatable design prevents pets from reaching injuries, rashes and surgery wounds to support healing. Works with your pal's collar with the built-in collar rings, and adjusts snugly with fuzzy fastener...
ZenPet Plastic E-Collar Small

ZenPet Plastic E-Collar Small

E-collars (Elizabethan collars) have come a long way from the traditional, plastic “Cones of Shame.” A new category has emerged of premium recovery collars that offer both pets, and owners,...